Ray Cardenas

Vocals// Drums


Turn ons: Wit, style, confidence and ambition, but balanced by healthy hints of sexy "corruption"

Turn offs: I can't really get warmed up to someone that doesn't stimulate my mind. We'll read Henry Miller together or we won't be together baby. Sorry!

Chace Levi

Vocals// Bass


Turn ons: Wild flowers, world peace, big fluffy pillows, clean hands, trampolines, musty cologne and spa days.


Turn offs: cold weather, raisins, large handwriting, hangovers, alarm clocks, and plane delays,

Justin William

Vocals// Guitar


Turn ons: strawberries, hot tubs, if you are sweet and kind you’ll have my heart.

Turn offs: Hairy backs, dirty shoes, bad breath, poor impressions of famous actors

Jack Edery

Vocals// Guitar


Turn ons: cheesecake, pinball, aerobics, a good massage, run your fingers through my hair and I’m yours


Turn offs: oysters, wrestling, heights, dirty ashtrays, bad taste in shoes and a hairy chest

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